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Jeanie! What Have You Been Up To?

Posted in Tomato Stuff on April 18, 2011 by bpyounger

 My friend Jeanie has just returned to blogging after a hiatus.(  I know what she was doing during this time. I heard about this on the news so I had to look it up. This is an excerpt of an article I found from a webpage ( here ). I think her  tomato addiction is spinning out of control.

The article:

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Rising food costs spur massive US theft of produce, meat

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April 18, 2011 @ 5:17 am

Ethan A. Huff,
Natural News
April 18, 2011

Forget diamonds and cash. Rapid inflation and the tanking US economy have birthed a whole new wave of organized crime involving food. The New York Times(NYT) reports that a group of highly-sophisticated scam artists recently pulled off a massive food heist involving eight tractor-trailer loads full of produce and meat, all worth roughly $300,000.

The food theft was no ordinary theft, either. According to reports, the mystery thieves carefully planned the hijacking to coincide with high-priced tomatoes and other produce items that have seen heavy inflation in recent months. And instead of merely stealing the truckloads, the masterminds actually sent their own imposter trucks to pick up the loads, and pretended to deliver them to various intended destinations.

“I’ve never experienced people targeting produce loads before,” said Shaun Leiker, an assistant manager at Allen Lund, a trucking broker from Florida who has seen numerous cargo thefts, to NYT. “It’s a little different than selling TVs off the back of your truck.”

Leiker’s reasoning, of course, makes sense under normal economic conditions. But with massive unemployment,food shortages, and inflation, food has become a new high-value commodity that criminals appear to be increasingly targeting. And as food prices continue to rise, some authorities worry that food crimes will only escalate further.

I have one question  who would buy a truckload of tomatoes? Maybe this is a clue.

I’m thinking that this may be a new Heavenfest event this year. Or maybe she just needs something to throw at me. On a side note I notice that in the video there is not one person actually eating a tomato.

I Love My Dog

Posted in Dog Stuff, Fun Stuff, My Favorite blogs, Tomato Stuff on July 5, 2008 by bpyounger

I was a little tentative about getting Roddy when we decided to get a dog. You know mostly about cleaning up all the poop. But yesterday he made my day. We were barbecuing the traditional hamburger and hot dog Fourth of July meal, Pearl was slicing up some burger toppings and she decided to give Roddy a slice of ( ugh) tomato. Which he quickly snatched up. I was thinking that I was going to have to disown him now for eating the tomato. He wallowed it around in his mouth for a few seconds and promptly spit it out. That’s right, my dog hates tomatoes.The dog that chews through a rawhide bone like a lion through a gazelle won’t eat a tomato. My dog would rather eat a stick than a tomato. My dumb Friend from the Dumb Friends League that thinks cat poop is a snack won’t eat a tomato. I’ve never been so proud of him, It brings a tear to my eye. I love my dog now I think I’ll keep him.

Note to self: Get a new picture of the dog.

I Hate To Tell You I Told You So, But…

Posted in Fun Stuff, My Favorite blogs, Tomato Stuff on June 11, 2008 by bpyounger

You all laughed at my disdain for the tomato like I was the “special” kid in the back of the class eating library paste. You all scoffed at me like I was the guy with a foil hat on saying that the aliens probed me. But no more , I AM VINDICATED!!! The tomatoes around the world are rising up and making people sick just because they ate one raw. Ha, I will not be joining those people  while they are kneeling at the porcelain alter. Just remember I told you so……

Other tomato blogs I have written are in Tomato Stuff on the side of this page.

Check out this video

Our New Job

Posted in Fun Stuff, Serious Stuff, Tomato Stuff on May 31, 2008 by bpyounger

Pearl and I have volunteered to help at Heavenfest and the other day we received our official job titles Directors of Health And Safety. YIKES!!! That sounds WAY important. I’m the guy who used to break boards over my head and I’m the guy who used to dent napkin holders at Shakeys with my head, and I’m in charge of health!! ( Right now my old friends are going” I remember that” and my new friends are saying ” That explains a lot”). I’m the guy who broke his knee in a 5MPH motorcycle crash. I’m the guy that stepped on a cherry tomato in an area of the warehouse where no tomatoes should have been, and wrenched his back( I told you before I hate tomatoes). I’m the guy who has hit his head so many times that the top of my head is covered in scars( check it out sometime, you can really see them when I have a tan). I’m the guy who was tapping a 12 inch square brick with a rubber mallet and managed to hit my thumb in stead of the brick.( I have the bruised thumb nail to prove it) I’m the guy who has crashed his forklift at work … twice!!( OK, both times the forklift malfunctioned) and I’m in charge of the safety of 10,000+ people. YIKES!! They’re all doomed!!

 Well, that was my initial reaction. But I’m over that now. I’ll just trust that God knows what he’s doing( he works in mysterious ways you know) and pray for the safety of everyone at the festival. They’re going to NEED the prayers with me in charge.

Here’s the promotional stuff. It’s going to be a great day. God is going to move BIG time!!


Heaven Fest

I know it got cut off. I’m being lazy and don’t want ot resize it right now.You get the idea.

I forgot to write about the time I caught my own arm in the power window while trying to retrieve my ATM card from the machine. GEEEEZ! I’m such a klutz!!!

More Tomato Torment

Posted in Fun Stuff, Tomato Stuff on November 12, 2007 by bpyounger


Some people see a beautiful woman in front of an interesting background. I see a chef being stalked by killer tomatoes. They are probably getting even for one of their cousins that the chef slaughtered.

Phobia, or Explaining the Disdaining

Posted in Fun Stuff, My Favorite blogs, Tomato Stuff on October 6, 2007 by bpyounger

I’ve been accused of having a phobia when it comes to tomatoes. The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines a phobia as An intense, abnormal, or illogical fear of a specified thing. I am not afraid of tomatoes I just can’t stand the taste of them. It’s not like I run away from them screaming like a girl from a 1950’s horror movie. I save that for bees. I have a phobia of those. The only tomatoes that I’m afraid of are these guys.

142722attack-of-the-killer-tomatoes-posters.jpg I hope they’re not real.

My disdain for the tomato began really when I was a teenager. While I never “liked” tomatoes I didn’t avoid them like I do now. My parents love tomatoes and always grew them. One year they had a bountiful harvest and my mother decided to make tomato sauce with them. Now my mother is not a culinary expert( I love you mom in case she’s reading this), she would be the first to tell you this ( I guess she did OK none of the 6 kids died of starvation). She pureed the tomatoes and simmered them down I think for weeks, maybe months, at least that’s what it seemed like then she would freeze it. It didn’t smell like a really good marinara it just smelled like boiling tomato juice. The whole house smelled like it. She simmered morning, noon and night. I, being a teenager who liked to sleep in , would be woken up by the sensory overload that was the aroma of the tomato sauce. It, in my mind ,wreaked. So you can imagine that I was  less than excited when the sauce was made for spaghetti. Italian sausage helped but not much. Every time she made it I could smell the sauce and would flash back to the making of it.

Moving forward to adulthood( in my case that’s a relative term). For those of you that don’t know, I work for a food distributer. I worked nights for 14 years. One night I was sent to clean a spill, you can imagine my horror when I saw that it was a clean up of tomatoes. Not just a few but 10, 10 pound flats of cherry tomatoes.That’s right a hundred pounds of tomatoes, rolling all over the floor. That wouldn’t have been bad. but most of  them had been run over until they were something like a muddy tomato paste. Then the smell hit me! I immediately flashed back to my youth. AAAAAAAAAGGGG, the tomato sauce was back to haunt me again(love you mom) . I gagged on the smell. I wanted to run away screaming like a girl  from a 1950’s horror movie. It was all I could do to keep my lunch down but I did. Like a good employee I forced my way through that unpleasant situation, but I haven’t been able to stomach them at all since.

I’m happy in my denial that I have a phobia of tomatoes, I don’t have to eat them in my world. I do like one tomato his name is Bob.

veggie_bob2.jpgPlease don’t eat him. Bryan