Building The Pond

We have started to build our pond in the backyard. The area has been used for everything from a playground to garden.It even had a swimming pool on the spot at one time. A couple of years ago, Pearl and I decided to make it a Pond with a waterfall.  We started by doing some edging all the way around the yard.  When I say we, I mean Pearl because she did most of the digging while I was at work. We used the cut out grass to make a hill  and let it turn from grass to dirt over the period of a couple of years.

We made a retaining wall to keep our little hill from sliding  into the neighbor’s yard. It also gives me a small area to hide the pump and filter.

In the second picture you can see the plastic pond we purchased for the top of the waterfall. The bottom pond will be made with a flexible pond liner. We wanted to be able to control the shape and size of the pond. We are currently digging out the bottom pond and this is what it looks like this morning.

In these pics you can see the top pond roughed into place and the basic shape of the bottom pond. The shape may be changed, it currently is about 12ft by 8ft. The bottom pond needs to get about another foot or two in depth.So there is a lot of digging to do yet. Now, how can I manage to get Pearl to do all of this digging?? (HEHEHE)

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  1. Could you redo ours, please?

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