With Mothers Day almost here I thought I would share some thoughts about the mothers in my life.

My Mother

Six kids that all turned out normal ( maybe with the exception of kid #6 he’s kind of strange, but he does have a witty blog) . That has got to be something to honor. Now that I’m a parent I understand more of what my mother must have gone through with all of us. We were more of a handful than she would like to  admit, but she was always there for us . She supported us in the things we did and defended us when we were unjustly accused, and yes punished us when we were justly accused. Something no parent wants to do, but is necessary. I was punished and still love my mom, there’s a concept that today’s society just doesn’t seem to understand.

My Daughter

I still find that amazing. My little girl is a mother !?! How is that possible? But I can see traits that she learned from her mother. The love in her eyes when she looks at Alyssa is amazing. She is going to be a great mother.

My Wife

She is the most amazing mother. My father once told my mother that Pearl was a wonderful mother. That’s high praise coming from my father. He was right. She has always been kind, understanding and loving. All that while I was bumbling and  stumbling trying to figure out this fatherhood thing( I still don’t have that right). I have seen her at times when she was saddened by life and still take care of her three kids ( I’m #3). We are more of a handful than she would like to admit. But she loves us anyway. I have seen her at times of sickness that would have laid me out, and she gets up to take care of us. That’s to much sacrifice but she does it anyway. I have seen her at times of joy with tears in her eyes because she was so proud of something our kids did. I am in awe of her. She is the reason my kids have turned out well. I take no credit. I love her with all my heart and soul. I am so undeserving of her.

5 Responses to “Mothers”

  1. amazingaudri Says:

    Awwww, thanks dad! In reality mom has 4 kids now. Love you bunches!!

  2. How blessed is your mom that you rise up to honor her (Pr. 31).

    And how exciting for Audrey to be a mommy now-her 1st Mother’s Day!

    And Pearl is one of the great ones, I also know. It is self-evident!

  3. Marilyn Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the mother’s in your life. I think they are also very lucky to have you in their lives.

  4. Thank you babe. xxxooo

  5. I agree, mom’s are the best and you have a couple of excellent ones in your family!!!

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