Heavenfest Highlights

Well it’s been here and gone. Heavenfest is done.What a day, 12000+ people worshipping God, WOW! What a sight to see. So much as a matter of fact it took me this long to compile this blog. Here are some of the highlights for me.

The Prayer Interactions:

Pearl, Amyjo, Steven and I made interactive displays that would hopefully make people think about and draw nearer to God. All of which were Amyjo’s ideas, she has an amazing heart for worship.There was a couple of communion stations, one on spiritual growth, one about how the blood of Christ covered our sin, and others. My favorite was the prayer labyrinth. It was a lot of work outside in the 95 degree heat( Steven and I 6hrs, Pearl and Amyjo 12 hrs) but it came out well.  

Hours to build minutes to take down.But I think it made an impact on many people.
Besides it’s still there sort of.
The Brob..uh Brodig…Oh shoot, the graffiti wall thingy:
The graffiti wall was a cool idea. It was in the middle of the open field with a bunch of open paint cans so people could write whatever they felt on it, or themselves it turns out. Near it was an artist doing a large mural of WALL-E.
Dave’s Snack Shack:
I’ve decided that he was the smartest vendor there. He set up on the hottest and busiest side of the building right next to the misters , which he provided, and sold ice cream. Not only that but he undersold the Dippin Dots vendor by a couple of bucks an ice cream. He was running all day long, serving huge amounts of people on the verge of turning into puddles from the heat.
The Main Event:
After the last band had played a nameless and faceless worship band took the stage. I was right in the middle of the crowd taping the event for the nameless, faceless parents of the band. I was praising with one hand and taping with the other. There were a few thousand people on their knees worshipping and making commitments to God. One of which was my son. Praise God. He thought the main event was awesome.
Gods Provision:
While the bands were amazing, what I remember most is how God provided for the event. Right from the begining when we were asked for a donation for the seed money for the event. For us it was a huge amount of money to give but God provided the means to give it earlier than what our commitment was. Later he allowed us to work with one our favorite people, Amyjo, which calmed some our fears about serving. God provided buildings , stages, materials, and some amazing volunteers for the event. We met one who volunteered for a second shift helping park cars( The hottest, dirtiest job I think) before doing his shift as security. I love Dave Powers story of how he was praying for the funds for the emergency access road and God showed him he was standing on road base materials. I’m sure there are hundreds of stories like that.
 I think God provided so well because people in the event were so faithful. I’ve been asked if Heaven fest will happen again next year, I say I hope so but if God tells Luke and Dave not to do it then they won’t, they are that faithful. But if they do, I’ll be there doing my part, watching for God to move again.
 p.s Here is a link to the official Heavenfest media http://www.heavenfest.com/Media_2008/ There are tons of pictures there.

5 Responses to “Heavenfest Highlights”

  1. It was amazing and I am so thankful for people like you who were there from the very beginning! That meant so much! When we did the fundraiser last year, I thought, “God, did I hear You on this? Will people catch it and jump in-and then what if…” But God showed once again, very big and very loudly: I AM FAITHFUL!

    The cool thing is that the blessing for everyone who shared in it is the blessing of all the fruit from everything that happened that day! You’re IN!

  2. […] Pearl and Bryan helped sow the seed, build the event and clean up afterwards.  They participated through and through.  Read Bryan’s account here. […]

  3. BTW-I totally love the cross picture.

  4. Praise God! Thanks for your contribution, your efforts & your very hard work toward Heaven Fest. Your insights here are for me, yet another little snapshot of the day. I am soaking them in every spare chance I get. Thanks for putting them down here, Bry. I totally love the cross picture as well. Amazing!!

    I also really praise God for the fact that Steven enjoyed it, Thank you God for reaching your kids in the way you did that day. May the impact on these kids (EVERYONE, adults too) stay with them and remind them of who You are and how much you love them.

  5. Yes, it was a hot blast!
    And not only were people met with ice cream but also the refreshing goodness of God.
    We learned so much this year, how to let God move, how to make things more appealing and yes, for me, how much more ice cream to buy!
    It was a success on so many levels.
    Thanks to Pearl and Bryan for all of their tireless help.
    You guys are always there, from beginning to end, taking care of your job and us.
    Thanks for hauling ice and pop sicles all over the place for me!
    On to next year!!!!

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